: : : Time Changer
===Story=== ''Time Changer'' may be a little strident in its core message (i.e., ethics don't count unless they're backed by the force of Christ), but as an above-average feature for the Christian market, it's pretty agreeable. D. David Morin stars as a late-19th-century Bible professor named Carlisle, whose efforts to publish a book arguing that morals can be taught independent of Christ's teachings is denounced by one Dr. Anderson (Gavin Macleod), a board member at Carlisle's seminary. Anderson, who happens to be in possession of a time machine, sends Carlisle to the year 2001, where the latter quickly discovers the pitfalls of a secular world with relative morality and no absolute (i.e., Christian) standards. ''Time Changer'''s seasoned supporting cast, including Paul Rodriguez, Jennifer O'Neill, and Hal Linden, bring a professional gloss to the film that helps counter its thematic single-mindedness, while director Rich Christiano serves up some passable science fiction to go with all the preaching. ''--Tom Keogh''


D. David MorinRussell Carlisle
Gavin MacLeodNorris Anderson
Hal LindenThe Dean
Jennifer O'NeillMichelle Bain
Paul RodriguezEddie Martinez
Richard RiehleDr. Wiseman
Evan EllingsonRoger
Crystal RobbinsMrs. Matthews
Charles HutchinsDr. Henry

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