: : : Thunderbirds
===Story=== Join International Rescue member, Alan Tracy, and his friends, Fermat and Tin Tin, on a quest to capture escaped, master criminal, The Hood. Take command of the Thunderbirds and fly this fleet of five highly-advanced rescue vehicles across the globe and into outer space. Test your rescue skills by completing exciting missions and solving puzzles to undo the havoc created by The Hood. It's your mission to save the other members of International Rescue and the world before it's too late!


Brady CorbetAlan Tracy
Soren FultonFermat
Genie FrancisLisa Lowe
Philip WinchesterScott Tracy
Deobia OpareiMullion
Bill PaxtonJeff Tracy
Dominic ColensoVirgil Tracy
Ben TorgersenGordon Tracy
Sophia MylesLady Penelope
Ron CookParker
Ben KingsleyThe Hood
Anthony EdwardsBrains
Vanessa HudgensTintin
Lex ShrapnelJohn Tracy

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