Thirteen Ghosts review
Where is the originality?

The good:

-At least the ghosts look real
-Nice house concept

The bad:

-Way too many overused ideas
-Tony Shaloub is stupid in every way


What stuck out in this movie the most is the actual ghosts. They all look real and creepy, and how different they are from each other. Other than that, the actors weren't very convincing, and the whole story left me going "WTF?". It had perfect sense, but I just thought that if the uncle really wanted to see the "future", why the hell did he bring his nephew to his house and have him screw everything up? Why did he pretend that he was dead?

The death scenes were all pretty nice, even though only a few people actually died. The glass door that chopped the attourney in half was hilarious, and the scene when the Juggernaut tore a person in half was nice...

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