: : : The Wind and the Lion
===Story=== The up-and-down career of director John Milius had no finer moment than ''The Wind and the Lion'', a dandy adventure tale. It's based on fact: An American (played by Candice Bergen) and her two children were kidnapped in 1904 Morocco by a Berber tribe, an international incident settled by President Theodore Roosevelt's "big stick" military muscle. The film's sweep and swagger are unabashedly old-fashioned, even as Milius occasionally pokes fun at the grand characters. Some of the peripheral material is sloppy, but as long as Milius keeps his sights locked on the two powerful protagonists, he's dead-on: Brian Keith makes a gutsy Roosevelt, and Sean Connery is in splendid form (with Scots accent in place--got a problem with that?) as the dashing Berber chieftain. Perhaps overshadowed by John Huston's ''The Man Who Would be King'' the same year (Huston plays advisor John Hay in this one), ''Wind'' makes a marvelous companion piece. ''--Robert Horton'' ===DVD Features=== * Available Subtitles: English, Spanish, French * Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono) * Commentary by: writer/director John Milius * Vintage making-of featurette


Sean ConneryMulai Ahmed er Raisuli
Candice BergenEden Pedecaris
Brian KeithTheodore Roosevelt
John HustonJohn Hay
Geoffrey LewisSamuel Gummere
Steve KanalyCapt. Jerome
Nadim SawalhaSherif of Wazan
Roy JensonAdmr. French Ensor Chadwick

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