: : : The White Countess
===Story=== In 1930s Shanghai, a blind and disillusioned former U.S. diplomat forms a relationship with a young refugee White Russian countess who has been reduced to a sordid life in the city's bars, working as a taxi driver and occasional prostitute to support members of her late husband's aristocratic family.


Natasha RichardsonCountess Sofia Belinskya
Lynn RedgraveOlga Belinskya
John WoodPrince Peter Belinsky
Vanessa RedgravePrincess Vera Belinskya
Allan CordunerSamuel Feinstein
Aislín McGuckinMaria
Ralph FiennesTodd Jackson
Lee PaceCrane
Hiroyuki SanadaMatsuda
Dragan MicanovicIlya

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7.5 / 10