: : : The Weight of Water
===Story=== This complicated mystery, directed with passionate intensity by Katherine Bigelow (''Near Dark''), deserves better than the paltry distribution it received in theaters. Granted, it's a tough sell: a contrast between the emotional unrest in a group of modern travelers and a hundred-year-old murder case on a desolate New England island. A photographer (Catherine McCormack) is researching the old case, and we flip back and forth between time periods as she uncovers new clues. The parallel-story structure is often tricky to pull off in movies, and Bigelow, working from the Anita Shreve novel, doesn't entirely solve it here. But the old mystery, set in a strict Norwegian community, is compelling, and the cast is stronger than the material: Sarah Polley and the late Katrin Cartlidge are stand-outs in the 1873 scenes, and Sean Penn (believably insufferable) and Elizabeth Hurley flirt naughtily in the modern. ''--Robert Horton'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Ciaran HindsLouis Wagner
Sarah PolleyMaren Hontvedt
Ulrich ThomsenJohn Hontvedt
Katrin CartlidgeKaren Christenson
Vinessa ShawAnethe Christenson
Catherine McCormackJean Janes
Sean PennThomas Janes
Josh LucasRich Janes
Elizabeth HurleyAdaline Gunne

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