: : : The War Within
===Story=== Directed and co-written by Joseph Castelo , HDNet Films' The War Within is the story of Hassan (co-writer Ayad Akhtar in his debut performance), a Pakistani engineering student in Paris who is apprehended by Western intelligence services for suspected terrorist activities. Imprisoned and tortured, Hassan is provoked to action. Following his release he embarks upon a terrorist mission, surreptitiously entering The United States to join a cell based in New York City. On the morning of the planned attack, all members of the cell are arrested except Hassan and the cell's charismatic leader, Khalid. Hassan takes refuge with Sayeed, an unsuspecting childhood friend, who is living in the American dream with his family in New Jersey. As each day passes, Hassan finds himself torn between his religious beliefs and his growing feeling for Sayeed and his family. What unfolds is a profound political and human drama as we tensely observe Hassan's state of mind as he tries to decide whether or not to carry out his deadly mission.
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6.3 / 10