The Village review
I hate the Indian director

The good:

-Nice idea...but not
-Suspenseful, at least a little

The bad:

-Storyline goes to shit at the end
-Not scary at all
-Characters are 2-D and boring


This movie is a lame attempt at one of those "Twilight Zone" twist endings. The beginning was nice, how it shows a little village that is very close, in spite of the funeral. The suspense builds up as the marks start appearing at the doors, and shadows can be seen moving in the forest. However, when the blind woman decides to set out herself, I knew the movie had turned for the worst. By the end, I could almost see that the ending was coming, and when it actually did, I was not surprised at all. In fact, I was a little dissappointed. Oh, wow, its the present all along! Stupid M. Night Shaymalan.

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