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===Story=== Jackie Chan looks spiffy in ''The Tuxedo'', but the movie needs a tailor. No Jackie Chan movie could be a total misfire, however, and he's charmingly self-effacing here as a hapless chauffeur who inadvertently replaces his injured super-agent boss (Jason Issacs) and foils a madman (Ritchie Coster) who plans to infect the ''world's'' water supply (!) and reap a fortune selling pure bottled water. Jackie's a bumbling superhero after donning his boss's high-tech, ''Inspector Gadget''-like tuxedo (it even has a "Mambo" setting), and curvaceous co-agent Jennifer Love Hewitt coaches him in crime fighting while closing in on the bad guys. It's all as routinely ridiculous as it sounds--Jackie's faux James Brown act is the only real highlight--and as critic Roger Ebert observed, the climax hinges on an insect queen that doesn't exist in nature! So, while Jackie and Jennifer provide a few moments of stellar stunts and random amusement, you can blame this mess on screenwriters who didn't do their homework. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *DTS Surround Sound


Jackie ChanJimmy Tong
Jennifer Love HewittDel Blaine
Jason IsaacsClark Devlin
Debi MazarSteena
Ritchie CosterDietrich Banning
Peter StormareDr. Simms
Mia CottetCheryl
Romany MalcoMitch
Daniel KashRogers
Jody RacicotKells
Boyd BanksVic
Colin MochrieGallery Owner
James BrownHimself
Bob BalabanWinton Chalmers

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