===Story=== This well-packaged 1983 remake of the French comedy ''Le Jouet'' features two legendary actors in an unlikely pairing. Richard Pryor (''Live on the Sunset Strip'', ''Stir Crazy'') plays a down on his luck writer who is talked into taking a job as a plaything for the spoiled rich kid of billionaire Jackie Gleason (''The Hustler''), who just can't communicate with his own son. Amidst a constant stream of abuse and slapstick adventures, Pryor manages to bring out the heart in both father and son and bring them closer together, as he fights to retain his own dignity. Director Richard Donner (''Superman'', ''Lethal Weapon'') concentrates on the outlandish set pieces and wisely leaves the comic timing up to the two old pros, making ''The Toy'' an entertaining diversion. ''--Robert Lane'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Richard PryorJack Brown
Jackie GleasonU.S. Bates
Ned BeattyMr. Morehouse
Scott SchwartzEric Bates
Teresa GanzelFancy Bates
Wilfrid Hyde-WhiteBarkley

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