: : : The Toxic Avenger, Part 2

The Toxic Avenger, Part 2

===Story=== Although "clever" isn't the first word that leaps to mind when describing Troma Films' ''Toxic Avenger'' series, the sequel to their 1985 hit has enough laugh-out-loud gags (amidst a barrage of slapstick and bodily function jokes) that should tickle the funny bones of veteran and novice Troma viewers alike. ''The Toxic Avenger, Part II'' finds the chemically altered crime fighter depressed about the lack of evil in his hometown of Tromaville. That situation is quickly reversed by the appearance of the dastardly Apocalypse, Inc., which sends Toxie to Japan after his long-lost father while they plan to transform Tromaville into a toxic waste dump. Longtime Troma fans might feel let down by the subdued levels of gore and gross-out humor found in ''Part II'' (which is possibly due to the participation of television production company Lorimar Films). But the zest with which director/Troma co-chieftain Lloyd Kaufman delivers his lowbrow laughs should allay any cult fan's concerns. ''--Paul Gaita''


Ron Fazio
John Altamura

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