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At the height of urban paranoia and the birth of survivalist movement in the 1980s, director Michael Ritchie decided to team Robin Williams and Walter Matthau. Talk about an odd couple; yet it actually might have worked, with Matthau's hang-dog deadpan and Williams's manic energy, were it not for a limp script by Michael Leeson. Williams and Matthau play two victims of Reaganomics, unemployed acquaintances who witness a robbery and identify one of the participants to the police, an act that turns them into targets for the robber in question, who comes looking for them. Williams's response: become a one-man arsenal and join a training camp for militant survivalists. But the comedy is neither sharp enough nor sufficiently smart to pull it off; Matthau is the calm center while Williams's comedy rockets all around him, to surprisingly little effect. --Marshall Fine

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Walter MatthauSonny Paluso
Robin WilliamsDonald Quinelle
Jerry ReedJack Locke
Annie McEnroeDoreen
Joseph CarberryDetective Matt Burke
John GoodmanCommando

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