: : : The Stepford Wives
===Story=== After suffering a nervous breakdown, Joanna Eberhart and her family move to Stepford. It's the perfect town, a throwback to the 1950's, and Joanna's husband Walter is sure they'll be happy there. Joanna, however, isn't so certain. All of the women of Stepford are perfect; almost too perfect. They excercise in summer dresses - "after all, it wouldn't do for our husbands to see us in grungy urban sweat clothes" - caddy while their husbands play golf, and even bake cookies, all while keeping their homes sparkling. Surely it can't be normal to be this perfect? Loosely based on the novel by Ira Levin.


Nicole KidmanJoanna Eberhart
Matthew BroderickWalter Kresby
Bette MidlerBobbie Markowitz
Glenn CloseClaire Wellington
Christopher WalkenMike Wellington
Roger BartRoger Bannister
David Marshall GrantJerry Harmon
Jon LovitzDave Markowitz
Dylan HartiganPete Kresby
Fallon BrookingKimberly Kresby
Faith HillSarah Sunderson
Matt MalloyHerb Sunderson
Kate ShindleBeth Peters
Tom Riis FarrellStan Peters
Lorri BagleyCharmaine Van Sant
Robert StantonTed Van Sant
isa MastersCarol Wainwright
Christopher Evan WelchEd Wainwright
Colleen DunnMarianne Stevens
Jason KravitsVic Stevens
Carrie PrestonBarbara
Larry KingHimself

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