: : : The Sleepy Time Gal
===Story=== With ''The Sleepy Time Gal'', nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at 2001's Sundance Film Festival, Christopher Munch gave Jacqueline Bisset the same gift François Ozon gave Charlotte Rampling with ''Under the Sand''--the role of a lifetime. The film is set in the 1980s, with Bisset playing Frances, writer, former DJ ("The Sleepy Time Gal"), and mother of two sons (''In the Bedroom'''s Nick Stahl is Morgan). She's also mother to Rebecca (Martha Plimpton), who was given up for adoption--the result of an affair with Bob (Seymour Cassel) in the 1950s. When Frances is diagnosed with cancer, she decides to tie up loose ends and visits him for the first time in 30 years. Rebecca has also reached an impasse in life and decides to make a change--by seeking out her birth mother. ''The Sleepy Time Gal'' is about connections--and how the attempt to establish them can sometimes be enough. ''--Kathleen C. Fennessy''


Jacqueline BissetFrances
Martha PlimptonRebecca
Nick StahlMorgan
Amy MadiganMaggie
Frankie FaisonJimmy Dupree
Peggy GormleyBetty
Seymour CasselBob
Kate McGregor-StewartMiriam
Justin TherouxRebecca's Boyfriend

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