: : : The Skeptic
===Story=== After the mysterious death of his Aunt, a confirmed skeptic lawyer, Bryan Becket, is dismissive of reports that his Aunt's house is haunted and moves in despite the writing on the wall. No sooner than he moves in that inexplicible occurrences begin to happen. Beyond the strange occurrences there is something about the house that gnaws at Becket a strange connection he senses that he has with the house's past. Soon, the haunting turns personal, as he hears voices in his head that suggest clues to a deep mystery. Questioning his sanity, he seeks medical help, but instead finds assistance in a young psychic medium who immediately declares, "There's a very bad secret in this house." Together they embark on a terrifying journey to uncover the secret, which becomes a journey that leads them deep into the recesses of The Skeptic's own troubled mind. ===DVD Features===


Tim DalyBryan Becket (as Timothy Daly)
Tom ArnoldSully
Zoe SaldanaCassie
Edward HerrmannDr. Shepard (as Ed Herrmann)
Andrea RothRobin Becket
Robert ProskyFather Wymond
Bruce AltmanDr. Warren Koven
Lea CocoDeputy Lura
Sara WeaverHelena Becket (as Sarah Weaver)
L.J. FoleyYoung Bryan Becket
Paul TietjenMichael Becket
Steve FletcherLawyer
Christina RounerNurse
Catherine WylerCarol
James DiSalvatoreLaw Adversary

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