: : : The Simpsons: The Complete Seventh Season

The Simpsons: The Complete Seventh Season

===Story=== The longest-running animated show, and the FOX network's most popular series ever, THE SIMPSONS continues to make television history in its seventh season. Unfolding in the fictional town of Springfield, the show features TV's most dysfunctional and best-loved family, comprised of lunkish patriarch Homer, genius do-gooder Lisa, mischievous Bart, baby Maggie, and Marge, the voice of reason. This season sees the celebration of the 138th episode, which takes a look back at the show's origins on the TRACEY ULLMAN SHOW, with producer Troy McClure and also some "hardcore nudity." In "Scenes from a Class Struggle in Springfield," Marge's new dress leads to a struggle to fit in down at the country club, while Mr. Burns's horrid bowling abilities almost brings down the team in "Team Homer." Other episodes include "A Fish Called Selma," "Much Apu about Nothing," "Homerpalooza," and "Who Shot Mr. Burns." The numerous guest stars include Courtney Thorne-Smith, Chris Elliott, Mickey Rooney, Linda and Paul McCartney, Bob Newhart, Donald Sutherland, and Kirk Douglas. ===DVD Features=== *Available Subtitles: English, Spanish *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) *Commentaries *Deleted scenes *Deleted Scenes Gallery with optional commentary *Super Illustrated Color Commentary: Summer of 4 Ft. 2 *Special Language Feature 4 extra languages in 2.0 Audio: on episode 22 Short Films About Springfield: Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, & German


Dan CastellanetaHomer Simpson
Julie KavnerMarge Simpson
Nancy CartwrightBart Simpson
Yeardley SmithLisa Simpson
Hank AzariaAdditional Voices
Harry ShearerAdditional Voices
Tito PuenteHimself
Phil HartmanTroy McClure/Lionel Hutz
Mickey RooneyHimself
Pamela HaydenAdditional Voices
Russi TaylorAdditional Voices
Marcia WallaceMrs. Krabappel
Tress MacNeilleAdditional Voices
Frank WelkerSanta's Little Helper
Linda McCartneyHerself
Paul McCartneyHimself
Paul AnkaHimself
Glenn CloseMother Simpson
Harry MorganBill Gannon
R. Lee ErmeyColonel Leslie Hapablap
Kelsey GrammerSideshow Bob
Lawrence TierneyDon Brodka
Bob NewhartHimself
Donald SutherlandHollis Hurlbut
Kirk DouglasChester J. Lampwick
Alex RoccoRoger Meyers Jr.
Suzanne SomersHerself
Jeff GoldblumMacArthur Parker
Joe MantegnaFat Tony
Jimmy ChamberlinHimself
Billy CorganHimself
Peter FramptonHimself
Kim GordonHerself
James IhaHimself
Thurston MooreHimself
Larry MuggerudHimself
Lee RanaldoHimself
Senen ReyesHimself
Steve ShelleyHimself
D'arcy WretzkyHimself
Christina RicciErin

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