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===Story=== It is a satirical parody of the "Middle American" lifestyle epitomized by its title family, consisting of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie. Set in the fictional town of Springfield, the show lampoons many aspects of the human condition, as well as American culture, society as a whole and even television itself. One of the show's many delights has always been its unending stream of movie parodies, and here we have four episodes devoted to just that. In "Beyond Blunderdome", Mel Gibson (playing himself) sends up his tough-guy persona when he hires Homer to produce his latest movie. Then in "A Star is Burns" Springfield hosts its own film festival (with acerbic guest critic Jay Sherman in attendance). The competition boils down to Barney's haunting cinema verité short about the horrors of alcohol or Mr Burns' grandiose vanity project (though Homer prefers Hans Moleman being hit by a football). "22 Short Films About Springfield" is a series of parodies within a parody featuring Springfield's secondary characters, including Milhouse's dad and Chief Wiggum in a glorious Pulp Fiction sequence. Finally, the show's own internal parody cartoon duo hit the big screen in "The Itchy and Scratchy Movie", while Bart and Homer lock horns about going to see it. They sell Soylent Green in the future cinema foyer; and Homer loves it, of course.
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