: : : The Silence
===Story=== In THE SILENCE, sisters Anna and Ester (Gunnel Lindblom and Ingrid Thulin, respectively) are passing through an unspecified European country on their way home from a trip, accompanied by Anna's young son, Johan (Jörgen Lindström). They check into a hotel, where the kindly old maitre d' (Håkan Jahnberg) ministers to the ailing, alcoholic Ester and attempts to befriend Johan, who has been exploring the empty halls of the stately building alone. It soon becomes apparent that the sisters are engaged in a strange, oppressive love-hate relationship, and the younger, livelier Anna attempts to escape her terminally ill sister by pursuing an affair with a stranger. The silence of the title refers to the impossibility of communication between the sisters but also between the three travelers and everyone they encounter in the foreign city, whose language they don't speak--as well as the devastating silence of God in the face of human despair. The third chapter of Ingmar Bergman's faith trilogy, THE SILENCE was considered extremely controversial at the time of its release because of its frank depiction of sexuality and hints at incest and lesbianism; at the same time Bergman was praised for his level of cinematic sophistication, and the media attention helped make the film a box-office success in Sweden. Originally released in 1963 ===DVD Features=== Star And Director Filmographies Scene Selection Philip Strick Film Notes Extract From Bergmans Book Images My Life In Film The Bergman Collection Trailer Available Audio Tracks: Dolby Digital Main Language: Swedish Sub Titles: English ===VHS Features=== Black and White
Subtitles: English


Ingrid Thulin
Gunnel Lindblom
Jorgen Lindstrom
Hakan Jahnberg
Birger Malmsten
The Eduardini

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