: : : The Shield - The Complete Fourth Season

The Shield - The Complete Fourth Season

===Story=== Heart-pounding. Intense. Gripping. Keeping the streets safe has never been more brutal. Season 4 introduced Glenn Close in a leading role and was the highest rated season yet. ===DVD Features=== *The Cure - Commentary by Shawn Ryan, Benito Martinez, CCH Pounder and Glen Mazzara *Grave - Commentary by Kurt Sutter, Katey Sagal, Paris Barclay, David Snell, Kenny Johnson and Benito Martinez *Bang - Commentary by Catherine Dent, Michael Jace, Scott Rosenbaum and Guy Ferland *Tar Baby - Commentary by Charles Eglee, Anthony Anderson, Michael Pena and Kenny Johnson *Cut Throat - Commentary by Kenny Johnson, Cathy Cahlin Ryan, Dean White, Randy Huggins and Jennifer Richmond *Back in the Hole - Commentary by Elizabeth Craft, Sarah Fain, Michael Chiklis, Anthony Anderson and Benito Martinez *A Thousand Deaths - Commentary by Cathy Cahlin Ryan, Jay Karnes, David Marciano, David Snell and Adam Fierro *Deleted Scenes: Shawn Ryan provides optional commentary on deleted scenes for 11 episodes; The Cure, Grave, Bang, Doghouse, Tar Baby, Hurt, Cut Throat, String Theory, A Thousand Deaths, Judas Priest and Ain't That a Shame. *80 min Documentary


Michael ChiklisDetective Vic Mackey
Glenn CloseCaptain Monica Rawling
Catherine DentOfficer Danni Sofer
Walton GogginsDetective Shane Vendrell
Michael JaceOfficer Julien Lowe
Kenny JohnsonDetective Curtis Lemansky
Jay KarnesDetective Holland Wagenbach
Benito MartinezCaptain David Aceveda
CCH PounderDetective Claudette Wyms
Cathy Cahlin RyanCorrine Mackey
David Rees SnellDetective Ronnie Gardocki
Camillia Sanes MonetAurora Aceveda
David MarcianoDetective Steve Billings
Anna Maria HorsfordA.D.A. Beth Encardi
Anthony AndersonAntwon Mitchell
Michael PeñaDetective Armando Renta
Katey SagalNancy Gilroy
Deborah Van ValkenburghGail
Noel GugliemiSavuto
Kevin CooneyDEA Captain Lamberti
Omar J. DorseyJamal
Jimmy Jean-LouisIdidsa Okoye

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