: : : The Shield - Season 6
===Story=== Another season of this gritty, hard-hitting cop drama comes to DVD! Continuing directly after season 5, Vic and the Strike Team are distraught over Lem's death. Kavanaugh considers planting evidence to frame Vic for Lem's murder while Vic believes Guardo is the guilty party. Dutch's robbery/homicide investigation leads him to a ruthless meth ring. Trying to save his job, Vic trains his replacement as they investigate a gang war. An unexpected suspect turns up in a rape/mutilation investigation, and the team is under pressure to conceal a city official's daughter's drug addiction after she turns up dead. Vic tries to save his job by any means, and Shane aligns himself with an Armenian mob to prevent vengeful violence. Claudette learns that the Barn could be shut down if no improvements are made by the time quarterly crime statistics are released. ===DVD Features=== *Saturn's Sons *Audio Commentary on Select Episodes *Deleted Scenes *Two Directors *Full Circle: Franke Potente


Michael ChiklisDetective Vic Mackey
Catherine DentOfficer Danni Sofer
Walton GogginsDetective Shane Vendrell
Michael JaceOfficer Julien Lowe
Jay KarnesDetective Holland Wagenbach
Benito MartinezDavid Aceveda
Cathy Cahlin RyanCorrine Mackey
David Rees SnellDetective Ronnie Gardocki
CCH PounderCaptain Claudette Wyms
Forest WhitakerLieutenant Jon Kavanaugh
David MarcianoDetective Steve Billings
Paula GarcesOfficer Tina Hanlon
Onahoua RodriguezEmolia Melendez
Nigel GibbsAssistant Chief Roy Phillips
Ken JeongSkip Osaka
Carl WeathersJoe Clark
Clifton Collins Jr.Hernan
Anthony AndersonAntwon Mitchell
Katey SagalNancy Gilroy
Franka PotenteDiro Kesakhian

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