: : : The Seventh Sign
===Story=== Seas boil, heavens fall, and Demi Moore takes a candlelit bath in this effective apocalyptic chiller. The prosthetic-enhanced Moore plays a pregnant nonbeliever whose baby may hold the key to impending Armageddon. Logic is not exactly the strong point in this well-acted, stylish, theological grab bag, but the random collection of horrific images manages to work more often than not. An acceptable time waster for fans of ''The Omen'' and ''The Exorcist''. Also starring Michael Biehn (''The Terminator''), the always welcome John Heard in a brief cameo, and the exceptional Jürgen Prochnow as a mysterious stranger who could either be from the extreme North or way, way down South. ''--Andrew Wright'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *Widescreen


Demi MooreAbby Quinn
Michael BiehnRussell Quinn
Jürgen ProchnowDavid Bannon
Peter FriedmanFather Lucci
Lee GarlingtonDr. Margaret Inness
Akosua BusiaPenny Washburn
John HeardReverend

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