: : : The Sentinel
===Story=== When a colleague is murdered, Secret Service agent Pete Garrison is put in charge of the investigation. But Garrison himself becomes a suspect after he is blackmailed by someone who knows of his affair with the first lady. Stripped of his duties and now a fugitive, Garrison races to prove his innocence and save the president's life.


Michael DouglasPete Garrison
Kiefer SutherlandDavid Breckinridge
Eva LongoriaJill Marin
Martin DonovanWilliam Montrose
Ritchie CosterThe Handler
Kim Basinger1st Lady Sarah Ballentine
Blair BrownNational Security Advisor
David RaschePresident Ballentine
Kristin LehmanCindy Breckinridge
Raynor ScheineWalter Xavier
Chuck ShamataDirector Overbrook
Paul CalderonDeputy Director Cortes
Clark JohnsonCharlie Merriweather
Raoul BhanejaAziz Hassad

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6.2 / 10