: : : The Secret in Their Eyes
===Story=== This 2010 Academy Award winning story [Best Foreign Film], set in 1999, is told in flashback form: 25 years prior, a federal justice agent, Benjamín Espósito, becomes spellbound by and subsequently entangled in the investigation of the crime of a young woman, brutally raped and murdered inside her house in a Buenos Aires neighbourhood in June 1974. Her widowed husband, bank employee Ricardo Morales, is shocked by the news; Espósito vows to find the killer and bring him to justice. In his ordeal he is aided by his alcoholic assistent Pablo Sandoval and a newcomer, the upper class lawyer Irene Menéndez-Hastings, who takes over as department chief. Will this investigative team be able to find the real killer and bring that individual to justice? ===DVD Features===


Ricardo DarínBenjamín Esposito
Soledad VillamilIrene Menéndez Hastings
Pablo RagoRicardo Morales
Javier GodinoIsidoro Gómez
Guillermo FrancellaPablo Sandoval
José Luis GioiaInspector Báez
Carla QuevedoLiliana Coloto
Rudy RomanoOrdóñez
Mario AlarcónJuez Fortuna Lacalle
Alejandro AbelendaPinche Mariano
Sebastián BlancoPinche Tino
Mariano ArgentoRomano
Juan José OrtízAgente Cardozo
Kiko CeroneMolinari
Fernando PardoSicora

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