: : : The Scorpion King
===Story=== There's nothing original in ''The Scorpion King'', but this derivative action franchise gets off to a rousing start by cleverly stealing from a lot of better movies. Capitalizing on his brief cameo in ''The Mummy Returns'', Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. World Wrestling Federation star the Rock) stars as Mathayus, an Akkadian assassin in the age preceding Egyptian pharaohs, who vows to avenge his brother's murder by an undefeated warlord (Steven Brand) prophesied to become the desert-ruling Scorpion King. Their battle for supremacy comprises most of the film's brisk 95-minute running time, punctuated by comic relief from Mathayus's obligatory sidekick (Grant Heslov), romance with a beautiful sorceress (Kelly Hu), and alliance with a massive Nubian (Michael Clarke Duncan) on the eve of their climactic showdown. There's no rhyme or reason to the film's depiction of ancient civilization (the costuming is particularly ludicrous), but the Rock demonstrates adequate action-star potential, and director Chuck Russell (''The Mask'') wraps it all in a slick, professional package. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Enhanced Feature Commentary with The Rock *Feature Commentary with director Chuck Russell *Outtakes *Alternate Versions of Key Scenes *Spotlight on Location: The Making of The Scorpion King *Helldorado Sneak Peek *Ancient World Production Design *Preparing the Fight *The Rock and Michael Clark Duncan *Working with Animals *The Special Effects *Godsmack Music Video - "I Stand Alone" *King Scorpion *Theatrical Trailer *Production Notes *Cast and Filmmakers *Universal Showcase *DVD-ROM Features, Including Total Axess *The Scorpion King Special Offers *WWE Legends


Dwayne JohnsonMathayus (as The Rock)
Steven BrandMemmon
Michael Clarke DuncanBalthazar
Kelly HuThe Sorceress
Bernard HillPhilos
Grant HeslovArpid
Peter FacinelliTakmet
Ralf MoellerThorak
Branscombe RichmondJesup
Roger ReesKing Pheron
Sherri HowardQueen isis
Conrad RobertsChieftan
Joseph RuskinTribal Leader
Esteban CuetoThird Akkadian
Nils Allen StewartTorturer
Scott L. SchwartzTorturer (as Scott Schwartz)
Andre HenschelMemnon Soldier
Michael HilowGuard at Ant Pit (as Mike Hilow)
Nick HermzGuard at Ant Pit
Wesley JohnGuard at Gomorrah Gate
Michelle BaneyBazaar Barmaid
Barry KramerSword Merchant
Marissa McMahonBird Merchant
Tim IannelloPerfume Merchant
K.D. AubertHarlot
Sonia VeraHarlot
Angelica CastroHarlot
Tutu SweeneyStreet Urchin
Yuki TokuhiroUrchin
Te'Amir SweeneyUrchin
Al LeongAsian Training Master
Woon Young ParkAsian Training Fighter
Marcus YoungAsian Training Fighter
Paul SloanSoldier
Talani RabbHarem Girl
Sole AlbertiHarem Girl
Cristina RodríguezHarem Girl
Pennelope JimenezHarem Girl
Sean Michael AfableBoy at Well (as Sean Michael)
Adoni MaropisDoubting General
Bernard WhiteFalconmaster
Amy HunterWarrior Woman
Diana R. LupoWarrior Woman (as Diana Lupo)
Heather BurtonWarrior Woman
Nikki FluxWarrior Woman
Rachel MooreWarrior Woman
Summer AlticeWarrior Woman
Brandon GonzalesBoy with Dates
Peter QuartaroliVision Archer
Peter Navy TuiasosopoNight Gate Guard
Amanda BentleyCourtesan
Claudi E. OrellanaCourtesan (as Claudia Orellana)
Jim ManiaciPalace Guard
Shant DemirjianArmy Leader
Gus RethwischBarbarian Guard
Richard CetroneBarbarian Guard
Kitana BakerBarbarian Woman (uncredited)
Jennifer BobiwashBazaar Merchant (uncredited)
Christie CampagnaBazaar Side Waitress (uncredited)
Tracy DaliHarlot (uncredited)
Wayne EricRed Turban Soldier (uncredited)
Amy FadhliWarrior Woman (uncredited)
Tony GarciaBazaar Merchant (uncredited)
Jamie HaganHarlot (uncredited)
Tyler ManeBarbarian Cheiftain (uncredited)
Julie MichaelsHarem Girl (uncredited)
George MiklosVendor (uncredited)
Radhaa NiliaHarlot (uncredited)
Somaya ReeceHarlot (uncredited)
Mailon RiveraFalconer (uncredited)
Rachelle RoderickBalthazar's Warrior Women (uncredited)
Marcio RosarioRed Turban (uncredited)
Terence J. RotoloPalace Guard 2 (uncredited)
Andrei SterlingBalthazar's Bandit (uncredited)
Joseph StevenAmbush Bandit (uncredited)
Ed VerreauxPasha on Elephant (uncredited)
Mark WinnEgyptian Thief (uncredited)

  • Genre: Fantasy Movies
  • Theme(s): Ancient Cultures
  • Director: Chuck Russell
  • Producer: Universal
  • Length: 92 Min
  • Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaApr 19, 2002
    EuropeApr 19, 2002
    JapanJun 8, 2002
    AustraliaApr 18, 2002
  • Ratings
    North AmericaPG-13
  • Blu-ray Release
    North AmericaJun 19, 2011
    JapanDec 2, 2010
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaJun 1, 2003
    EuropeNov 4, 2002
    JapanDec 20, 2002
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7.5 / 10