: : : The Sarah Silverman Program - Season One

The Sarah Silverman Program - Season One

===Story=== Sarah Silverman says what's on her mind. And no one else's. In this first season of the critically acclaimed The Sarah Silverman Program, Sarah gets hepped up on cough syrup, takes in a homeless man and poops her pants. With her unique perspective on life and her ability to turn just about everything into a song, find out why Sarah Silverman is an American treasure. An offensive, filthy-mouthed treasure. ===DVD Features=== *Audio Commentary *Musical Performances *Karaoke Sing Along *Never Before Seen Extras


Sarah SilvermanSarah Silverman
Laura SilvermanLaura Silverman
Brian PosehnBrian Spukowski
Steve AgeeSteve Myron
Jay JohnstonOfficer Jay McPherson
Zach GalifianakisFred Blorth
Jill TalleyPatty Jenkins
Doug BensonWeird Nathan
Missi PyleScarlett Lacey
Rachael HarrisSchool Teacher
Jimmy KimmelJoan the Dispatcher
Fred StollerTaser Cop
Scott AukermanAgent Falconer
Tig NotaroTig
Chester TamChester
Brad GrunbergFat Boyfriend
Jon HammCable Guy
Eddie PepitoneEddie Pepitone
Larry HankinMister Johnson
Masi OkaClerk

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