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This is great..a must see for any ECW Fan.

This shows ECW beginning from the small promotion Eastern Championship Wrestling in early 93 to the downfall in January 01. This shows the transformation ECW went through. This shows how they basically introduced "Extreme" to the world.

This shows comments by ECW Alumni with some names like Al Snow, Mick Foley, Tazz, Rob Van Dam, Steven Richards, Dawn Marie, Lance Storm and ECW Legend and Owner, Paul Heyman.

This shows the transformations wrestlers went through. Tommy Dreamer, debuted as a pretty boy who noone thought would win but 4 Years down the t...


EC F'n W!


ECW was a very good wrestling promotion, plain and simple. With amazing performers such as Sabu, RVD, Terry Funk and Raven, as well as the sheer Hardcore aspect of the promotion it was a brilliant idea; and now that there is a Documentary around for it, you have to watch it to relive the memories. The rise, and the fall.

Firstly, I was not really much of a fan of ECW back when it was around. I was more of a WCW/WWE fan as it was easier to watch and support. Of course like many of us I had heard about alot of the stars and what exactly they do in ECW, but I never really knew what it was all a...