: : : The Raid: Redemption
===Story=== An entire SWAT Team is trapped within a tenement that is run by a ruthless mobster and his army composed of thugs and killers. This 20 man SWAT Team must endure 30 floors of hell with nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. In this scenario there's only two options: Fight or die. ===DVD Features===


Iko UwaisRama
Joe TaslimJaka
Doni AlamsyahAndi
Yayan RuhianMad Dog
Pierre GrunoWahyu
Ray SahetapyTama
Tegar SatryaBowo
Iang DarmawanGofar
Eka "Piranha" RahmadiaDagu
Verdi SolaimanBudi
R. Iman AjiEko
Ananda GeorgeAri
Yusuf OpilusAlee

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