: : : The Protector
===Story=== In Jackie Chan's first American movie, Chan and Danny Aiello (''Do the Right Thing'', ''Moonstruck'') are cops who don't play by the rules. They're sent to Hong Kong to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a wealthy New York scumbag who's mixed up with an insidious heroin kingpin; to investigate, they go to a massage parlor, where the women try to kill them in the middle of providing sexual favors. It's not surprising that the gunplay is mundane, but even Chan's fight sequences are banal and unsurprising. The only entertainment value comes from absurdities, like a band of carjackers dressed like Adam and the Ants, or a sequence where it's revealed that the smuggled heroin is stashed inside of melons--and the stashing process is, inexplicably, performed by naked women. Jackie also swears; apparently the director thought he was making a Dirty Harry movie. An embarrassment. ''--Bret Fetzer'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen


Jackie ChanBilly Wong
Danny AielloDanny Garoni
Becky Ann BakerSamantha Alexander
Mike StarrHood #2
Big John StuddHuge Hood

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