: : : The Pretender - The Complete First Season

The Pretender - The Complete First Season

===Story=== Jarod (Michael T. Weiss) is a Pretender. As a five-year-old in 1963, he was taken from his home and "adopted" by The Centre, a mysterious Delaware-based think tank. Why Jarod? His superior intellect--Jarod can "pretend" to be anything he wants: doctor, lawyer, engineer, astronaut and, as he quips in episode five ("The Paper Clock"), "I'm working on Indian chief." Thirty years later, once he realized his efforts were not being used for good, Jarod escaped from the Centre. Psychiatrist and surrogate father Sydney (Carnivàle's velvet-voiced Patrick Bauchau) and sociopathic sidekick and Emma Peel lookalike Miss Parker (ER's Andrea Parker) have been trying to track him down ever since. They're assisted by the technically proficient, if socially inept Broots (Napoleon Dynamite's Jon Gries). Each and every time, Jarod eludes their grasp, but not before helping some stranger who's been dealt an injustice (just as he once was). Along the way, he hopes to figure out who he is and where he came from. Each of these 21 episodes moves deftly from Jarod's lonely past to his more satisfying, if precarious present (the human "science project" was constantly videotaped as a boy, hence the abundance of footage from his childhood). It's a worthy successor to paranoid thrillers like The Fugitive and the unjustly obscure Nowhere Man (from X-Files creator Chris Carter), and the droll performance of Weiss (Jeffrey) adds a dose of levity to a concept usually painted with a darker palette. The Pretender ran on NBC for four seasons and was followed by two TV movies, The Pretender 2001 and Isle of the Haunted. ===DVD Features=== *Available Subtitles: English, Spanish *Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround) *21 episodes on four discs, including the double-length season finale *Commentary on selected episodes *Making-of featurette and TV spots


Michael T. WeissJarod
Andrea ParkerMiss Parker
Patrick BauchauSydney
Stephen TobolowskyDr. Alan Trader
Peter Michael GoetzDr. Miles Hendricks
L. Scott CaldwellGwen Porter
Ryan MerrimanYoung Jarod
William SandersonRoy Abbot
Jon GriesBroots
Terence KnoxTom Matthews
Jake LloydRonny Collins
Lawrence PressmanBen Sloane
Charles RocketCarl Bishop
Jon PolitoBen Hansel
Raphael SbargeJeffrey Baytos
Tony PlanaDet. Guerra
Floyd 'Red Crow' WestermanErnie Two Feathers
Chris EllisDaniel Crockett
Robert CarradineSheriff Dwight Kunkle
Beth GrantMrs. Haring
Dean NorrisTommy Larson
Marshall BellWarden Michaels
Sam McMurrayMorris Clancy
Leon RussomCaptain Paul Nagel
Jack KehlerBig Bob
Gregory ItzinPhil Campbell
Taylor NegronMax Vargas
Kevin CooneyMr. Chambers
Harve PresnellMr. Parker
Gailard SartainTug Beaulieu
Maury SterlingDonny Beaulieu
Mike StarrAxe

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