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The Persuaders!, Set 1

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===Story=== Between heroic spells as the Saint and James Bond, Roger Moore was teamed with Tony Curtis in ''The Persuaders'', a derivative but fun series about a couple of millionaire dilettante adventurers who swan around the world competing for the attention of beautiful women and getting involved in perplexing mysteries. Moore is Lord Brett Sinclair, an upper crust Brit of impeccable breeding, while Curtis is Danny Wilde, an up-from-the-streets self-made man whose trademark is a pair of brown gloves. The allegedly tasteful Brett and the crasser Danny both model a succession of garish early-'70s fashions while their pursuits of duplicitous women usually wind up with the women getting away and the heroes stuck with each other. Set 1 includes the first 13 episodes, running about 52 minutes each. ''--Kim Newman'' ===DVD Features=== * Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo) * 13 episodes on four discs * Commentary on the pilot episode by Roger Moore, producer Robert S. Baker, and executive in charge of production Johnny Goodman * Roger Moore and Tony Curtis biographies * Photo gallery * Number of discs: 4


Tony CurtisDanny Wilde
Roger MooreLord Brett Sinclair
Laurence NaismithJudge Fulton
Susan GeorgeMichelle Devigne
Sinéad CusackJenny Lindley
Christian RobertsMark Lindley
Andrew KeirSir John Hassocks
Melissa StriblingLisa Koestler
Ian HendryLord Croxley
Bernard LeeSam Milford
Patrick TroughtonCount Marceau
Peter VaughanLance Schubert
Geoffrey KeenThaddeus Krane
Leo GennSir Hugo Chalmers
Peter SallisPiper

  • Genre: TV
  • Director:
  • Producer: A&E Video
  • Length: 676 min
  • Theatrical Release
    North AmericaSep 17, 1971
  • DVD Release
    North AmericaNov 25, 2003
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