===Story=== A mutant hybrid of a heist movie and The Breakfast Club, The Perfect Score follows a clutch of kids who steal the answers to an upcoming SAT test: An aspiring architect (Chris Evans) who isn't quite achieving his dreams (or his parents' expectations); his middling pal (Bryan Greenburg) whose girlfriend is already in college; an overachiever (Erika Christensen, Traffic) who freezes under pressure; a basketball star (NBA player Darius Miles) whose grades don't match his game; a stoner (Leonardo Nam) who falls into the scheme by accident; and a rich punk girl (Scarlett Johansson) who wants to strike back at her neglectful father. The heist itself is nonsensical, but the interplay of personalities manages to keep the movie afloat. Still, only Nam and Johansson (who, after Ghost World, Lost in Translation, and Girl with a Pearl Earring, is becoming a true movie star) stand out of the bland pack. --Bret Fetzer


Chris EvansKyle
Bryan GreenbergMatty Matthews
Scarlett JohanssonFrancesca Curtis
Leonardo NamRoy
Erika ChristensenAnna Ross
Darius MilesDesmond Rhodes
Matthew LillardLarry
Vanessa AngelAnita Donlee

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