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Simon Garden is a Parole Officer. He is framed for a murder by Manchester's leading detective, and the only proof of his innocence is a tape- thats locked in a bank vault! He gets together a gang of ex-criminals to break in. A Hilariously funny movie, one of Steve Coogan's Best.

DVD Features

Commentary from Coogan, cowriter Henry Normal, director John Duigan and producer Duncan Kenworthy. Delete scenes, interiews, trailer and video for Atomic Kitten's Eternal Flame.


Steve CooganSimon Garden
Om PuriGeorge
Steven WaddingtonJeff
Ben MillerColin
Emma WilliamsKirsty
Stephen DillaneInspector Burton
Lena HeadeyEmma
Jenny AgutterVictor's Wife
Simon PeggDeflated Husband
Julia DavisInsinuating Wife
Omar SharifVictor

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