===Story=== The Dunder Mifflin crew plods through another fiscally irresponsible year under the dubious leadership of misguided middle manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell), a man who thinks he's the world's best boss -- but acts like a total buffoon. After a fifth season of unexpected twists and turns that saw Michael leaving to start his own paper company and luring Pam (Jenna Fischer) away from the office, what high jinks will Season 6 bring? ===DVD Features=== * "Podcast" Minisode: In the exclusive version of the minisode "Podcast," Gabe (Zach Woods) tries to impress corporate by recording a podcast for the Sabre website. However, his plans for a small meaningful, profile of Kevin (Brian Baumgartner) quickly unravel as the rest of the office forces Gabe to become the reluctant host of a late night style talk show. * Welcome to Sabre Featurette: Full-screen version of the corporate welcome video starring Kathy Bates and Christian Slater * Episode Commentary: Commentaries featuring the cast and crew of The Office on episodes such as "The Promotion," "Niagara," "The Lover," "Murder," "Secret Santa," "Sabre," "The Delivery" and "Happy Hour." * More than Four Hours of Deleted Scenes * Two Extended Episodes * Blooper Reel * The Office Promos: Dwight's Tribute to Canada & My Favorite Memories


Steve CarellMichael Scott
Rainn WilsonDwight Schrute
John KrasinskiJim Halpert
Jenna FischerPam Beesly
B.J. NovakRyan Howard
Ed HelmsAndy Bernard
Oscar NuñezOscar Martinez
Brian BaumgartnerKevin Malone
Angela KinseyAngela Martin
Leslie David BakerStanley Hudson
Phyllis SmithPhyllis Vance
Mindy KalingKelly Kapoor
Paul LiebersteinToby Flenderson
Creed BrattonCreed Bratton
Kate FlanneryMeredith Palmer
Craig RobinsonDarryl Philbin
Kathy BatesJo Bennett
Ellie KemperKelly Erin Hannon
Elvy YostMegan
Kelii MiyataMori
Max CarverEric
Andy BuckleyDavid Wallace
Linda PurlHelene
Anna CampPenny Beesly
Kelen ColemanIsabel Poreba
Tug CokerPete Halpert
Rick OvertonMr. Beesly
Robert PineGerald Halpert
Blake RobbinsTom Halpert
Robert R. ShaferBob Vance
Perry SmithBetsy Halpert
Peggy StewartSylvia
Mike StarrGrotti
Deborah PuetteAlice
Michael SchurMose
Amy WeaverKeena Gifford
Tom YiTim Dockery
Suzanne WatsonStephanie
Chris EllisChris O'Keefe
Alan FudgeAlan Brand
Dale RaoulRonni
Amy Cale PetersonLaurie
Kwame BoatengDerrick
Sam DalyMatt
Karly RothenbergMadge
Calvin TennerCalvin
David CostabileEric Ward
Kenny CooperFake Stanley
Nelson FranklinNick
Joey SlotnickJerry
Jean VillepiqueRachel Wallace
Zach WoodsGabe Lewis
Christian SlaterChristian Slater
David KoechnerTodd Packer
Sam DalyMatt
Sean DavisReed
Sarah BakerJosie
Kelen ColemanIsabel Poreba
Evan GaustadDale
Melissa RauchCathy
James UrbaniakRolf
Lee KirkClark
Laurie OkinJulie
Amy PietzDonna
Seth ColtanRandy
Hidetoshi ImuraHidetoshi Hasagawa
Larkin CampbellShane
Bruno OliverMr. Barr

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