: : : The New Adventures of Old Christine - Season Two

The New Adventures of Old Christine - Season Two

===Story=== Single mom Christine Campbell (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) can't seem to catch a break as she juggles her roles as caretaker, ex-wife, friend and businesswoman. Still dealing with her new nickname "Old Christine" and her husband's girlfriend (Emily Lutherfurd), the "New Christine," Christine keeps finding herself caught in more and more awkward situations. In The New Adventures of Old Christine: The Complete Second Season, we find kooky Christine dating New Christine's father, attempting to educate her son Ritchie (Trevor Gagnon) on the pitfalls of organized religion, meddling in her brother Matthew's (Hamish Linklater) love life and fighting with ex-husband Richard (Clark Gregg) for the attention of Ritchie's teacher Mr. Harris (Blair Underwood). She must also learn to manage the daily stresses of life under the watchful eye of two judgmental stay-at-home moms whose sons attend Ritchie's private school. Will Christine be able to take the heat, or will she crack under the pressure and lose her cool?


Julia Louis-DreyfusChristine 'Old Christine' Campbell
Clark GreggRichard Campbell
Hamish LinklaterMatthew Kimble
Trevor GagnonRitchie Campbell
Emily RutherfurdChristine 'New Christine' Hunter
Tricia O'KelleyMarly Ehrhardt
Alex Kapp HornerLindsay
Blair UnderwoodDaniel Harris
Scott BakulaJeff 'Papa Jeff' Hunter
Wanda SykesBarbara 'Barb' Baran
Nancy LenehanPrincipal Marcie Nunley
Ed Begley Jr.Pastor Ed
Andy RichterStan
Charles EstenJoe Campbell
Dave FoleyTom
Jane LynchMs. Hammond
Rachael HarrisClaire

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