: : : The Mudge Boy
===Story=== Duncan is a teenage boy who's mother passes away suddenly from a heart attack. He seeks solace in his pet chicken and his mother's clothing. His father doesn't understand his son's reactions and neither do the locals who mock and harass him. Duncan's world takes a destructive turn when the lines between friendship and love become blurred as he unexpectedly bonds with one of his tormentors.


Emile HirschDuncan Mudge
Tom GuiryPerry Foley
Richard JenkinsEdgar Mudge
Pablo SchreiberBrent
Zachary KnightonTravis
Ryan DonowhoScotty
Meredith HanderhanTonya
Beckie KingApril
Sandra GartnerLydia Mudge
Tara O'ReillyEmily Foley
Sam LloydRay Blodgett

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6.5 / 10