===Story=== A female detective of the New York City Police Department has had to struggle with a tragedy in her younger days. Her father was killed thirteen years ago by a dangerous group known as "The Ministers." To make matters worse, she learns that the group has resumed committing homicides. After she is taken off the case, she-unbeknownst to her-becomes romantically involved with a member of the dangerous group. ===DVD Features===


John LeguizamoDante/Perfecto
Harvey KeitelJoseph Bruno
Florencia LozanoCeleste Santana
Diane VenoraGina Santana
Wanda De JesusCaptain Diaz
Manny PerezDetective Manso
Saul SteinDetective Demarco
Benny NievesAlberto Santana
Luis Antonio RamosCarlos Rojas
Raquel CastroNereida
Tammy TrullLiz
Raquel JordanAlma
Alex LuriaDante/Perfecto (23 years old)
Gabriella LorenCeleste (18 years old)
Josh SegarraLuis

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