===Story=== When a beautiful and ambitious archaeologist unearths a mysterious key beneath the streets of modern-day New York City, the Templar Knights of Christ send Lucas to retrieve it. With no time to lose, he must convince her to give him the key before unspeakale evil is unleashed on the world by the Minion. A demonic servant of the Antichrist, the Minion will do everything in its power to possess the key and see that his master is freed to wreak havoc on the world. And only Lucas -- a modern-day warrior trained in the ancient arts -- can defeat the ultimate evil.


Dolph LundgrenLukas Sadorov
Françoise RobertsonKaren Goodleaf
Roc LaFortuneDavid Schulman
David NermanLieutenant Roseberry
Allen AltmanDante
Jean-Marc BissonBernard
Don FrancksChief Michael Bear
Michael GreyeyesGray Eagle

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