: : : The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Volume 4


It's time for the annual school culture festival, and the SOS brigade are out in force. Mikuru provides a pleasing sight in the costume cafe and Yuki tries her hand at fortune-telling, although she doesn't fully understand the concept. Haruhi somehow gets their movie shown, and who knows what else she'll do on the day.

Meanwhile the computer club still haven't forgotten Haruhi's extorting a computer out of them, and challenges the brigade to a strategy game to get it back. Winning may not be easy for the SOS brigade with a hot-headed Haruhi and a clueless Mikuru in their ranks.

It's a cold day in the club room until Haruhi manages to snag a heater off one of the movie sponsers. How she managed it is anyone's guess. Kyon is sent on the long trek to retrieve it, and it seems Haruhi's got some ideas in mind regarding Mikuru while he's gone.

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Yuki Matsuoka

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