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===Story=== This 1987 thriller was a predictable hit with the teen audience it worked overtime to attract. Like most of director Joel Schumacher's films, it's conspicuously designed to push the right marketing and demographic buttons, and granted, there's some pretty cool stuff going on here and there. Take Kiefer Sutherland, for instance. In ''Stand by Me'' he played a memorable bully, but here he goes one step further as a memorable bully ''vampire'' who leads a tribe of teenage vampires on their nocturnal spree of bloodsucking havoc. Jason Patric plays the new guy in town, who quickly attracts a lovely girlfriend (Jami Gertz), only to find that she might be recruiting him into the vampire fold. The movie gets sillier as it goes along, and resorts to a routine action-movie showdown, but it's a visual knockout (featuring great cinematography by Michael Chapman) and boasts a cast that's eminently able (pardon the pun) to sink their teeth into the best parts of an uneven screenplay. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Full Screen *Dolby


Jason PatricMichael
Corey HaimSam
Dianne WiestLucy
Barnard HughesEdward Herrmann
Kiefer SutherlandDavid
Jami GertzStar
Corey FeldmanEdgar Frog
Billy WirthDwayne
Alex WinterMarko

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