The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King review
this is one of the best

The good:

*~a great inturputation of tolkiens great novel.
*~beautifully done

The bad:

cant think of a thing bad about this film


we all new that the lord of the ring trilogy would be hard to make, and peter jackson has done it wonderfully.
this is the last part to frodos journey to destroy the ring, which at this time he doesnt actually want to do for he has grown extreamily close to the ring which gollum sees and plays with.
Elijah Woods plays frodo baggins incredibly well in this film since frodo is becoming corrupt.
All the characters keep up their great acting abilities throughout the films, and there is more of the game that legolas and gimli play to see who kills the most, therefore still lots of funny parts.
Arogorn reclaims his throne and calls upon the ghosts of traitors of ilsildor, to help him win the battle, which is amazing to watch.
The film is brilliant and since its based upon such a complex book, i dont think it could be improved at all.

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