The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Own / Want List

Username Comments
aves None
Aki None
final fantasy master None
TheGameHHH214 None
Paynie None
Dante_101 None
Mystic None
Blackheartedwolf None
Gotenks None
DarkLink Very good.
Shadowfax of Rohan great final ending
Archangel None
Sspider None
mario420 None
Armed Rebel Collectors Edition
Chiggins None
Kemelok None
Dash the Stampede None
NightmareX None
The GGs A fantastic end film to The Lord of The Rings trilogy
imatramp None
chrisdoyle None
Da Wise Man None
Menimitz None
Cmm Extended version is awsome
Miss Witching Hour None
Nanosaur None
Dark Slayer01 None
AbyssalDragon None
Stem Cell None
ViNCeNZo None
gamerXXXX None
MichelleS Great movie! The battle scenes are fantastic!
Reason None
Rieko None
lordtyger9 None
kaijudo None
Gameplay None
DarkkTrainerr None
Xonora None
Vergil Ties None
Geek102 None
tekmosis None
Regard None
Dark Arcanine None
AndyD_U None
marco4pres None
Joshua Mackley None
R1DDL3S None

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