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The Lion King review
It can own your soul!

The good:

Animation at its best. Each character has his unique team of animator and supervisors. The result of Disney's hard work can be distinguished easily. Every character stands out and has his own personality regardless of his purport. The voice-overs are excellent and they accent the characters. The musical score, which alongside the songs of the movie, won an Academy Award, tones some moments while relaxes others. Everything in this movie co-exists in a delicate balance creating a very enjoyable result.

The story of 'The Lion King' is very strong and it derives from several Bible's stories and Shakespeare's Hamlet. It centers around a cub named Simba and how he will become a king, earning his position in the 'Circle of Life'. Whilst it sounds usual, the story is presented cleverly and everything stands out.

The bad:

Everything is perfect about The Lion King? Surely no. The duration of the film (88 minutes) is small. In fact, the "smallness" can be seen if the songs are excluded; that way it seems that the whole movie is 6-7 big scenes. Basically, it seems like Disney made a 2~2,5 hour movie and kept the highlights of it.

Also, there's a controversy about the originality of the story. The characters and some camera angles are similar to Tezuka's 'Kimba: The White Lion'. Disney denies the accusations of copying though.


Here we are. The pinnacle of Disney's traditional cartoons. The Lion king is a movie that combines everything: Laughter, fear, sensation and enthusiasm altogether packed with high quality image and immense sound work.

Even though it's an animated film, it's not recommended for younger kids, because the film contains some violent scenes and it deals with some serious matters such as responsibility and fratricide. There are some relatively violent and intense moments in the movie, perhaps inappropriate for small children.

Bottom line is, you definitely have to watch this movie. While it's entertaining and fun it teaches important things. If you want to know what's the best animated film of Disney's finest era check this out!

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AbEbAbLoMtOuKiThE Aug 25, 07
Lion King is simply perfect,perfect re gidia.And learn greek!Na sinenooumaste kamia fora.
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