: : : The Land Before Time: The Wisdom of Friends

The Land Before Time: The Wisdom of Friends

===Story=== Littlefoot, Cera, Spike, Petrie and Ducky meet three dinosaurs, Loofah, Foobie and Doofah, who have lost their way while en route to the Berry Valley. They decide to help the two to the Berry Valley while helping save their lives against the Sharp Teeth. On the way Littlefoot teaches them about the wisdom of friends - Wisdoms as they are called - which has been passed on by Littlefoot's elders. ===DVD Features=== Episode "The Hidden Canyon" from the Land Before Time television series


Cuba Gooding Jr.Loofah
Rob PaulsenSpike & Yellow Belly
Cody ArensLittlefoot
Logan ArensLittlefoot
Anndi McAfeeCera
Aria Noelle CurzonDucky
Jeff BennettPetrie
Miriam FlynnGrandma Longneck
Jessica GeeTria
John IngleNarrator & Topsy
Pete SepenukFoobie

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