: : : The Keeper
===Story=== Tough L.A. cop Roland Sallinger is betrayed by his partner during a stake out, and left for dead - but Roland is still breathing when the ambulance arrives. A year later, he's still recovering from his ordeal and has been forced into retirement from the squad. Meanwhile in Bucharest, Romanian police chief Constantin Korzha, an old friend of Roland's, is a wealthy businessman and happily retired from the force. His daughter Nikita is a Paris Hilton-style heiress who's dating Marco Inescu, star forward on the Tornadoes football team. One night Nikita is kidnapped after partying with Marco at a club. When he gets a call from Constantin asking him to come to Romania, Roland takes the next flight. When he arrives, Roland learns that after the fall of communism in Romania, the gangs have become more powerful than ever and have targeted Constantin and his family. He must now help his old friend retrieve and protect his daughter, while trying to discover who is behind it all in a very unfamiliar place


Steven SeagalRoland
Liezl CarstensNikita Wells
Arron ShiverMason Silver
Johnnie HectorManuelo
Steph DuVallConner Wells
Luce RainsJason Cross
Kevin WigginsDetective Simon Pacheco
Trine ChristensenRegina
Tomas SanchezJorge
Rio AlexanderVictor

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