: : : The Intended
===Story=== In 1924, the strong and idealistic Sarah (co-writer Janet McTeer) and her younger lover Hamish (JJ Field) flee the depression of post-war Europe, travel ling deep into the Malaysian jungle to earn their fortune at an ivory trading post. Instead of an exotic retreat, however, the two encounter an oppressively small colony where their high hopes and obvious love for each other unleash a downward spiral of greed, murder and madness: a lyrical tragedy where everyone in the community becomes the victim of each other's broken dreams.


Janet McTeerSarah Morris
Olympia DukakisErina
Brenda FrickerMrs. Jones
Tony MaudsleyWilliam Jones
JJ FeildHamish Winslow
David BradleyThe Priest
Philip JacksonNorton
Robert PughLe Blanc

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5.6 / 10