: : : The Inheritance
===Story=== A true diamond in the rough. Pay no attention to the glossy romance cover for this film--inside is a great little movie. Based on an 1885 novel by Gaetano Carlo Chelli, it stars Dominique Sanda (who also appeared in ''The Conformist'' and ''The Garden of the Finzi-Continis''). She plays a scheming gold-digger who has her eyes on the prize of the Fiormonti fortune. The money was made by Papa Fiormonti (played by Anthony Quinn), a lousy SOB who in the first scene disowns his three adult children. Sanda marries the most loutish child but is soon having an affair with the rakish one. It's a great, evil (and oddly sympathetic) performance, and for her role Sanda won the Best Actress award at Cannes in 1976. Even the DVD quality can't mask a poor transfer, however, as this film still has a grainy quality, but the luster of this Machiavellian tale still shines through. ''--Keith Simanton''


Anthony Quinn
Dominique Sanda
Fabio Testi
Adriana Asti

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4.9 / 10