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===Story=== Before Harrison Ford assumed the mantle of playing Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan hero in ''Patriot Games'', Alec Baldwin took a swing at the character in this John McTiernan film and hit one to the fence. If less instantly sympathetic than Ford, Baldwin is in some respects more interesting and nuanced as Ryan, and drawing comparisons between both actors' performances can make for some interesting postmovie discussion. That aside, ''The Hunt for Red October'' stands alone as a uniquely exciting adventure with a fantastic costar: Sean Connery as a Russian nuclear submarine captain attempting to defect to the West on his ship. Ryan must figure out his true motives for approaching the U.S. McTiernan (''Predator'', ''Die Hard'') made an exceptionally handsome movie here with action sequences that really do take one's breath away. ''--Tom Keogh'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Widescreen *Dolby


Sean ConneryMarko Ramius
Alec BaldwinJack Ryan
Scott GlennBart Mancuso
Sam NeillCaptain Vasili Borodin
James Earl JonesAdmiral Greer
Joss AcklandAndrei Lysenko
Richard JordanJeffrey Pelt
Peter FirthIvan Putin
Tim CurryDr. Yevgeniy Petrov
Courtney B. VanceSeaman Jones
Stellan SkarsgardCaptain Viktor Tupolev
Jeffrey JonesSkip Tyler
Timothy CarhartBill Steiner
Fred Dalton ThompsonAdmiral Painter
Sven-Ole ThorsenRussian COB
Andrew DivoffAndrei Amalric

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