The Hunger Games review
It was...well done.

The good:

-The camera techniques.
-Tells the story.
-Fairly character development

The bad:

-A few plot holes.
-Some things in the book weren't included in the movie.
-Feels a little rushed at the beginning.


The Hunger Games, it originally started off from a novel written by Suzanne Collins. It got so popular that it got 'Best Books of the Year' award in 2008. It was the start of a trilogy, with the other two books Catching Fire and Mockingjay.

This film adaption has the changed the story in plenty of good ways and bad ways.

First, the plot. The story is about sixteen year-old Katniss Everdeen, and it starts with the morning of the reapings, an event that happens every year to choose the tributes of the Hunger Games. Katniss has a younger sister called Primrose (Prim for short) whom she loves with all her heart and will do anything to make sure she's alright.
When it's time for the reaping, Katniss is so sure Prim has the odds in her favour, only to be wrong, when her name is called out, from the girls reaping ball. After volunteering for her, Peeta Mellark is reaped for the boys.
Katniss remembers him as 'the boy with the bread'. Then, they go on a train ride to the Capitol, to where the training centre is. Every tribute trains before entering the arena. After shooting an arrow towards the pig the Gamemakers are about to eat, Katniss is surprised to get an 11. And when she enters the arena, all her skills will be tested.

The way the story is put out in the film is average. Although, I've watched worse move adaptions of books, this could have been done a little better. Second, there are a few plot holes in the film people may notice, but nothing too major, since most of the people who would notice, would have read the books. Third, the beginning of this film felt a little rush to me, but that could have just been how they used some camera techniques. I don't have anything bad to say about this movie. But it seems some of the fans of the books do, since I'm not a total fan, I did enjoy this movie a little.

The music catches on with the action as top notch, which is something else that I like about it. It was good that they created a tune for the lullaby's which were discribed in the book. The dialogue which is used in the film is really good, telling how the story goes. The way the actors say it is alright, they could have been a little more meaningful with how they produce the dialogue, but it was alright.

The costumes could have been put out a little better, except, the one they wear on the chariot to the training centre is exactly as I pictured it, so that was excellent. The costumes the tributes wear in the arena, in the book they all wear black jackets, in the movie they wear coloured jackets to match with their districts, which kinda makes sense, to show who is who in the arena and not get confused.

The visuals of this movie is good, the forest of which is in District 12 is excellent and District 12 itself is fairly close to the book. The Capitol is how I'd thought it'd be, like a city. The CGI of the flames was spectcular, but could have been done a little better on their costume to the training centre.

I think I've given it the right rating, it not bad, but it's not the most amazing book-to-film movie I have watched.
Watching it might also give us an impression of what the next film in the trilogy be like.

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DarshD Aug 18, 12
Great review Haalyle You should review your favorite games like re4, Alice, re5 etc.
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haalyle Aug 22, 12
I'm planning to Hopefully I'll get around to it.
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DarshD Aug 24, 12
Thanks! That would be great.
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