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The Human Race Club - Lean Mean Machine

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===Story=== The Human Race Club is a group of animated gradeschoolers who meet in their clubhouse, plan activities, and learn life lessons together. In this 23-minute episode, the kids learn the hard way that the out-of-control emotions of one person can hurt others. Guided by an animated version of Joy Berry (producer of this video series and author of the "Living Skills" and "Let's Talk About It" kids' books), viewers follow the quintet as they vote to answer the challenge of a rival baseball team and recall another less-than-successful competition. When Maggie misunderstands the group's meeting minutes and believes someone else was chosen to steer their go-cart in the town derby, she angrily takes the club's hand-built vehicle on a disastrous ride. With its explicitly spelled-out messages, this series barely passes for entertainment and would be most useful in schools or for behavioral specialists working with children. (Ages 8 to 12) ''--Kimberly Heinrichs''


Joy Berry

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