: : : The Hindenburg
===Story=== "One gasbag meets another" is how critic Pauline Kael described the "flatulent seriousness" that director Robert Wise brought to this 1975 thriller about the ill-fated German zeppelin which exploded while landing in New Jersey in 1937. The great air disaster is speculatively depicted here as an act of sabotage, and the airship's trans-Atlantic journey gives the saboteur's plot plenty of time to unfold while the story introduces a variety of characters aboard for the luxurious flight. While the anti-Nazi message is delivered loud and clear, Anne Bancroft and George C. Scott lead an illustrious cast in what amounts to a pre-World War II episode of ''The Love Blimp,'' only there's not much romance and precious little suspense. It's all rather flatly intriguing, but aviation buffs will certainly appreciate the meticulous attention to period detail, and the film won special achievement Oscars for its impressive sound and visual effects. Worth a look, if you're a student of this particular chapter of history, and the movie earns some credit for having at least the kernel of a good idea. ''--Jeff Shannon'' ===DVD Features=== *Color *Closed-captioned *Dolby *Widescreen


George C. ScottRitter
Anne BancroftThe Countess
William AthertonBoerth
Roy ThinnesMartin Vogel
Gig YoungEdward Douglas
Burgess MeredithEmilio Pajetta
Charles DurningCaptain Pruss
Richard DysartLehman
Rene AuberjonoisMajor Napier
Alan OppenheimerAlbert Breslau
Katherine HelmondMrs. Mildred Breslau
Joanna MooreMrs. Channing
Jean RaseyValerie Breslau

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